Healthcare Sector

Discovering user experiences in hospitals, and taking into account deficiencies in the actual system, we have developed the tools to make them work efficiently, thus making the experience of the user efficient, as well as satisfying the patient when receiving a fast and efficient and service from the hospital personnel.

EasyCall the definite solution between patient and hospital personnel communication.

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Taking into account the importance of a good use of energy and reducing the costs as a result of its correct use, we afford solutions for an efficient application of it.

Additionally, ConnectControl allows automated tasks and process, as well as notification and remote control, by means of traditional methods like the e-mail or telephony.


VIGIA VIGIA is Connectia Solutions Factory platform especially designed to fulfill security functions. It is based on IP communications and stands out for its modularity and capacity to adapt to the specific needs of each installation.

VIGIA is an intelligent video-surveillance and recording solution, with independent management capabilities of available drive space and multiple visualization methods.

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